History of Innovation

September 1946
Noboru Hayama opens Riso-sha, a mimeographic printing shop, in Tokyo.

September 1948
Company name changes to RISO Printing Company.

March 1952
RISO imports the first type printing equipment in Japan from the United Kingdom.

January 1955
Company name changes to RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION (“Ideal Science”).

July 1965
Kasumigaura Plant completed, starts operations in August.

June 1969
Sales offices open in Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka.

September 1977
First Print Gocco model, the B6, marketed.

June 1980
First Printer-Duplicator model, the AP7200, marketed.

October 1981
Tsukuba Plant starts operations.

December 1984
RISO Educational Foundation established.

January 1986
RISO, Inc., the first overseas subsidiary, established in the United States. Ube Plant completed.

August 1986
First digital Printer-Duplicator model, the Digital 007, marketed.

April 1989
RISO EUROPE LTD. established in the United Kingdom.

October 1989
Listed over the counter in Japan.

December 1989
RISO (Deutschland) GmbH established.

January 1990
RISO Publisher System introduced.

April 1991
RISO FRANCE S.A. established.

May 1992
RISO (U.K.) LTD. established.

January 1993
RISO IBERICA S.A. established.

April 1993
RISO HONG KONG LTD. established.

June 1993
RISO CANADA, Inc. established.

July 1994
RISO CHINA LTD. established in Hong Kong.

November 1994
RISO (Thailand) LTD. established. Printer-Duplicator GR series introduced.

February 1995
RISO AFRICA (PTY) LTD. established.

June 1995
Printer-Duplicator TR series introduced.

February 1997
SC3000 series system controller introduced.

May 1997
SC7000 series system controller introduced.

November 1997
TM5000 sorter introduced. NC Numbering System introduced. Printer-Duplicator GR3770, the first 600 dpi duplicator introduced.

December 1997
RISO de México, S.A. de C.V. established.

February 1998
AR8000 envelope/card feeder introduced.

January 1999
CR system introduced

February 1999
SC7700 System Controller , a top-of-the-line high speed RIP that processes data directly to the Printer-Duplicator for fast printing, introduced. Industry-first capability of scanning from any desktop on the network, doubling its value to users.

May 2001
RISO’s new RP3700 high-speed digital printer-duplicator debuts at Gutenberg Festival.

September 2001
RISO’s breakthrough Zykros technology enables imaging and printing of multiple colors in a single pass.

May 2002
RISO, Inc. signed an agreement with Lexmark under which RISO, Inc. will integrate several of the newest Lexmark multifunction printers (MFPs), software developed by both Lexmark and RISO, and RISO’s own printing systems as part of a suite of integrated document management solutions.

September 2004
RISO, Inc. introduces Solutions Assess Express – A New System that Offers Economical Basic Automated Testing Package For Individual Schools.

October 2004
RISO, Inc. unveils its new HC5000 Full Color ComColor Printer.

October 2004
RISO, Inc.,introduces a new series of Printer-Duplicators, the RZ series. The series incorporates the latest in technological advances and breakthroughs in digital duplicating technology.

April 2005
RISO celebrates its 25th year of selling digital duplicators.

Launched the HC5500 inkjet printer (capable of printing on card stock and envelopes).

Launched the RISO CZ Series. Significant advances made in R & D leading to the launch of the ComColor Product Line – 5 models of High Speed, Full Color, Inkjet Production Systems and commercial-grade accessories.

Launched the ComColor Product Line.

RISO LATIN AMERICA, INC. starts operations for the Latin America and Caribbean regions.

Launched the ComColor X1 Series and new accessories, with enhancements to image quality and productivity.

Launched Print to Mail Solution (Envelope Wrapping Finisher) and Perfect Binder to address specific market needs.

Launched the High-End, High Speed Digital Duplicators ME9450 Two-Colors, One Pass and SE9480 Single Color, One Pass.

Launched the CV3230 Entry Level and A2 High-End Digital Duplicators. Introduced the stand-alone TC7100 RISO Collator.

Launched the ComColor FW series of inkjet printer.

Launched the next generation of Inkjet Printers, the GD series, and the SF series of digital duplicators.

Launched the two-color MF9450, the fastest SF9490 and the CV1200 digital duplicators.

Launched the SFEII series of digital duplicators.

Launched the ComColor FT series of inkjet printers.

Launched the 5-color Inkjet Printers, the GL series, and the MH9450 digital duplicator.

Launched the Production Inkjet Printers, the VALEZUS series.