In-plant printing facilities commonly operate under very time-sensitive conditions. Quick turnaround is an absolute necessity, therefore, the facility needs a machine that’s not only fast, but reliable.

With no time to spare for repairs, machine breakdowns can be tragic to in-plant operations. Frequent use of a heat-based printing technology drastically increases the chance of a breakdown due to overheating, static electricity and paper curling. RISO Inkjets, with duty cycles of 500,000 impressions, offer tremendous reliability at up to 165 (for A4) or 160 (for Letter) pages per minute of cold, flat and dry output. During BLI lab testing, RISO Inkjet performed with near-flawless durability, achieving the extended reliability target of a million impressions without any issues.

The durability of RISO devices is also accompanied by a high level of versatility to meet the variety of needs in an in-plant operation. Since in-plants frequently handle the printing for many different departments, the jobs demanded can vary greatly. Certain jobs – such as printing on cardstock and window envelopes – often end up being outsourced. The versatility of RISO Inkjets will allow you to bring those tricky jobs back in house, thus providing you with a higher level of job security.

Recommended Unit

ComColor GL 9730

with High Capacity Feeder

icon-ppm165 ppm for A4 / 160 ppm for Letter

icon-sheet-capacity5,500 sheet Capacity

Low operating costs

*The above results are calculated using the continuous print speed of each device and does not consider all conditions of use. Please use these results a reference only.

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